Catalina is passionate about health and wellbeing in all dimensions. She is a board certified music psychotherapist with a master’s degree from New York University. She is also a Yoga and Meditation instructor from Dharma Yoga Center in NYC. She has worked with various populations (psychiatric, elderly and children) using music, meditation, breathing techniques, movement, and other effective tools to address physical, emotional, mental, cognitive, social, and/or spiritual needs. Catalina does individual and group work both online and in person in Colombia, where she currently lives. When she is not working or practicing yoga, you can find her in the mountains, exploring nature.

About music:
There is one thing most human beings have in common: the love for music. Music has been present in the evolution of our societies to communicate, celebrate, heal, and work. It touches you from before you are even born. Studies in the last decades have proved the positive effect of music both in our brains and in our bodies, to access lost memories, regain function, unstuck emotions, develop communication skills, increase self-knowledge, and much more. It has the ability to activate or relax, it is adaptable and personal to each one of us. We all have a music child inside that can be activated at any time. Get in touch with yours!