Raise your standards!

Lucy is a woman in her late 30’s. She doesn’t like her job, she is overweight, and her marriage is not going well. Every single day she looks at herself in the mirror, she hates what she sees and feels like an absolute failure…Ten years ago, Lucy was working as an assistant manager in a middle size company. She had big dreams and big ambitions! She had saved to go back to school to get her MBA and saw this job as a transition to the professional life she wanted for herself. She had it all figured out: after securing her economic independence she would then think about meeting a nice man, get married, have kids, buy a house and live happily ever after. However, during a professional workshop at her company, one of the speakers showed a particular interest in her, and boy was he handsome! He was somewhat older, more experienced and an absolute charmer. She was instantly swept off her feet! She became Joe’s wife, had two kids, and remained as the assistant manager of the same company. One morning she was feeling really desperate, depressed and defeated, and after taking the kids to school, called in sick and headed to her next-door neighbor Gloria for some advice. When Gloria opened the door, she was still in her triple extra-large size pyjamas, had white powder sugar of the donuts she was eating in the side of her cheek, and said she was laying in the living room sofa watching tv. Lucy asked her how to lose the weight after the pregnancies, how to have a better marriage and how to have an overall happy, fulfilling and wholesome life. Gloria answered: “This is it girl! After you get married and have their babies, you just have to get used to being overweight and live a boring life! At least they pay the bills, don’t they?!”. Somehow, this answer did not eco in Lucy’s mind. She could still feel those dreams and ambitions buried somewhere deep inside of her, and she just knew she could not give up.Lucy left Gloria’s house and went for a walk around the neighborhood. She needed to clear her mind and thought the fresh air would help her do that. On the way, she saw many stores she had never really paid attention to because she was always in a rush, driving back and forth with the kids. She also noticed a very nice, fit woman entering a store. She took a closer look and she saw it was an athletic club. “What? A gym in my neighborhood and I didn’t even know?” she thought. Lucy followed the healthy-looking lady into the gym, saw her get on a spinning bike and started pedalling as if she was being chased by some ferocious creature! She went to the reception desk to inquire about the place and just started some informal conversation with the receptionist: “I bet that lady in the spinning bike has been coming here for years….she looks so good! …I bet she doesn’t know what a pregnancy is!”. The receptionist turned around, and as she did, Lucy admired her toned arms and waistline, and she answered: “Oh yes! Mrs. Jones has been a member since I can remember. She has four kids though. She is so disciplined and focused. Her husband is a member as well. They are such a great couple!”Lucy went back to her house in tears. She finally realized that she had the power to choose the life she wanted to live all along! She was just looking DOWN for the answers, instead of looking UP for them. She was looking in the wrong place and at the wrong people. When her husband got home that evening, she invited him to have a heart felt conversation about her true feelings, fears and desires, and asked him for his help and support. They both joined the gym the very next day, and despite Lucy going to the same job she has had for the past decade, she now has a totally different attitude about herself and the world around her. She finally chose to own her life and act upon the dreams and ambitions anchored within her.Lucy has a long way to go. But she had a really great start: she took the first step.
Words for Thought
What happened to Lucy is something that happens to many, they get stuck in the routine. They get somewhere or accomplish something and then just stay there seeing life happen, being a puppet of their own life. Then suddenly one day you wake up and don’t even recognize yourself or the life you’re living. To get out of this, you have to RAISE YOUR STANDARDS. Gloria was pretty comfortable in her standards, “yeah let’s be overweight, couch potato moms maintained by our husbands” uuhhh maybe NOT. But Lucy, Lucy knew better, there was something inside her that told her she had to keep going, keep dreaming, keep being ambitious and never settle. So Lucy raised her standards, she no longer conformed with being an overweight woman so she joined the gym; she no longer conformed with having a crappy marriage so she talked to her husband and figured something out. The quality of our life is determined by our standards, so ladies what are your standards? Do you conform to being a couch potato woman sustained by her husband passing the days watching TV? Are those your standards? Or are your standards to be a healthy, active, balanced, financially independent, happy etc woman? Think of how your life is at the moment, those are your standards. Don’t like it? Well then whatever it is, determine it, raise the standards and then figure out how to get started into that direction! Namaste beautiful souls,

Gabriela & The Stamina in Action Team

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