The balance of life

By insinuation of my granddaughter today I write this message for STAMINA IN ACTION that bears the testimony of two generations with fifty years of difference but united with the same purpose which is to contribute to the empowerment of women. Our mission is preponderant in the universe and we can all contribute to a better world.

I have been privileged, I was born in a happy home, surrounded by love, understanding, respect and love. My parents did not want me to have the least suffering, therefore, I was never told the bad things in life, everything had a solution, everything was perfect, I lived in a glass bubble very far from the reality of the world. At that time, the goal for a woman after high school was to get married, have children and she was already one for her mission. I grew up and I was still a privileged person, I married a wonderful man and I have some incomparable children and grandchildren. I felt fulfilled regarding my life goals, I had fulfilled my obligations and I had tried to do good to others, but I felt anguish and did not know why. One day I woke up and realized that I did not know my true self, the inner reality. The cause of my stress was the pressure of repressed emotions and is responsible for most of the physical and emotional diseases. Progressively recognizing and releasing suppressed feelings reduces stress, achieving a progressive improvement in physical health and increased vitality.

The world is a dance of polarities, we live in a dual world, the negative can not exist without the positive. My balance in this polarized world was charged to one side ignoring the other. Let me explain: I did not want to accept that evil exists and I did not know how to manage it. When I most want to exclude a polarity I am giving it more strength. There began my journey to the middle path, changing my perception or the way of seeing and understanding the world, broadening my consciousness, questioning my truths, my values, my beliefs and trying to integrate the polarities, then a mental flexibility occurred. The problem is not outside but inside. The authentic spirituality is knowing how to manage the polarities without being trapped by the one or the other, without judging or victimizing or blaming oneself. Everything needs the counterpart.

There is a secret to success: understand the other’s point of view and see things with their eyes, this is a great help to achieve balance. There is no miracle pill that helps us to find us. If we continue in the effort, this is a daily work. We will achieve a great change translated into the inner peace that we all desire. All our achievements will resonate with our family, friends, employees, and finally with everyone we have contact with, this being my small contribution for future generations.
Now is my granddaughter’s turn to share with us her experience in her short 27 years of life.

Like my grandmother, I was raised in a family where love always went first and support among all was always present. However, unlike her my glass bubble exploded since I was very small. Due to different circumstances I could see the not so pretty side of life, and with this I do not want to tell you a tragic story … on the contrary, I found from a very young age the balance of life. With each trip I tried to learn, and with the valuable advice of my grandmother Tita, I have been learning to value every episode of life. Once, in a moment of anguish, I said: “Tita, I just want to be happy, why is it so difficult?” And she answered something that stayed in my head forever: “Happiness is moments “… That’s when I learned that this was it … Happiness are small moments that arrive in the most unexpected ways and that make us value them much more, very different would be if we lived in a state of happiness all the time. I invite you all to open your eyes and value those little moments that come every day … Let’s not live in a state of victim, let’s learn to see the balance of life.

It is important to understand that anguish and anxiety are created by being misaligned with our essence, however the easiest way to react is to blame external causes for what is happening to us. Let’s look inward before blaming what is happening outside, acknowledge our mistakes but also congratulate ourselves for the small achievements of every day.

Tita & Maris

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