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Dear Stamina in Action Team-My daughter is sharing your wonderful website. I love to read the inspirational stories and I’m amazed at the power and strength these woman show. I love the little sayings on Facebook and Instagram too, I am saving everyone of them to share with my friends.I am not sure, if my story qualifies as an inspirational one, but to me and my husband it is more than inspirational, it is amazing. It is about our daughter, and you will recognize her as you read on……                                                 Our daughter, our Hero.She was born a little over 51 years ago. She was loved and adored and we have to admit, we spoiled her rotten, but that did not turn her into a selfish person. Far from it. We taught her from the beginning, that sharing was a good thing. She did that to the point, that she cut a piece of candy into tiny pieces, to make sure, that all her little friends had one.Because she is our only child, we lavished all our attention and love on her.That did not change as she grew older. She was always our Nr. 1. As you might say, she lived a charmed life.It was a joy to see her grow up, try new things and be up to any challenge. When it came time for College, it was hard to see her leave the house. We watched her spread her wings. After a few crash landings she found the right updraft and she started to soar. It was a joy to see her fly higher and higher, but she never forgot to come back to the ground, to her roots. Then one day it happened, she got too close to the sun. Her wings got singed with devastating medical news. We were all scared stunned and cried a lot. She found the most wonderful surgeon in the world, who “fixed her broken wings”. Her recovery was long, and she had lots of time to think and reflect.Her care was excellent and she was upbeat, very positive, and determined to beat “this thing”. That is when she made a life changing decision. I want and need to give back. She started to volunteer in the same hospital she had been. She felt there was such a need to give people hope and encouragement before and after the same surgery that she had. She says, it is so rewarding to just talk or hold hands or just being there withsomeone that is alone. She had found her calling. It does her soul immensely good to give back and make somebody happy.She herself is still recovering, because her surgery was only 6 month ago. She feels good, and you could not tell by just looking at her, what she went through. Her smile is infectious. We have our daughter back. Can you imagine how proud we are, she is so amazing. She turned from a very carefree person into a compassionate and responsible young woman, and we are super proud, that she is our precious daughter.Our prayers go out to everybody. There is hope, so never ever give up.Fly Baby Bear, there are no limits. Do it, because you can.Mom and Dad 
Words for Thought
Some of us have been blessed with the presence of love in our lives. We are loved and we love. However, to be able to love in a profound and unconditional way is an extremely powerful experience! The kind of love we feel for our children simply can’t be explained with human words. It is a divine sentiment that transcends our mortal being. It is a total disengagement from our own needs and ego, that turns all of our attention to the wholesomeness of those beautiful beings we call our children. We say our daily prayers so that they are healthy, safe, protected and happy, and when they are in pain or suffering, we understand what “a mother is as happy as her saddest child” means. Our hearts burst with pride with their strength, achievements and resilience; and we are amazed of all the life lessons they end up teaching us.We are all someone’s child. Our prayers go to everybody facing a challenging situation…and their parents too.Mavalynne & The Stamina in Action Team 

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