What kind of woman do you wish to be?

Both of my grandmothers were absolutely amazing! As a little girl, I preferred to hang out with them instead of playing with kids my age. I just loved dressing up with their gorgeous “jewellery”; wearing their hats with flowers, feathers and lace; trying to walk on those beautiful high heels; cooking their favorite recipes and listening to all those stories of things that had happened a million years ago when they were little girls.
Grannie Loraine loved to keep her home tidy and clean, and even though she had help, she would offer me a dollar to vacuum, fold the laundry, water the plants or whatever she could think of. She would always fix her hair and put on lipstick, even if she was staying home, and when Grandpa arrived home from work, she would sit with him, keep him company and listen to his stories. She would also travel and visit her cousin Margaret when she needed some time out from Grandpa and time for herself. She would pray and talk about our guardian angels when I was scared, did “Jane Fonda” exercises every day, had the most perfect posture and regardless of what she was wearing, she always looked stunning!
Grannie Emma had a matching brooch for every single outfit she wore, and you would never catch her leaving the house without her panty hose! She enjoyed going to the casino and playing cards with her girlfriends, and always brought a little something cooked by her when she was a guest. At her 99 years of age she still painted her nails red, fluffed her hair, always cleaned her face from makeup before bed and swore on “ponds” night cream. Despite so much loss in her life: husband, siblings and two sons, she insisted she couldn’t have survived without her girlfriends. She had the best sense of humor and a joke for every occasion: “Oh look! It’s a gay cockroach!….. how do you know grandma?…. it came out of the closet!”. She attended mass every day, treated everyone with compassion and respect, and her prudence was impeccable.
As I grew older, I started to see and feel them in my own choices and actions. I had started to learn to play my own role by watching them. I had learned the value of work in order to earn; of good health habits in order to look and feel good; of feeling good with myself first, before I could tend to someone else; of ways to be a pleasant life partner; the value of humor and attitude; and the incredible value of our girlfriends’ company and solidarity. My grandmothers never said: “this is how you do it”. Actions spoke louder than words.
And today, as I go over so many of those memories tangled in my head, heart and self, let me finish with a line one of my own girlfriends shared with me: “As women we are like angels, if they break our wings, we keep on flying…. On top of a broom just because we are so resourceful!”
Mavalynne Orozco – Urdaneta  
Words for Thought

Have you ever thought about how amazing it is that the women we are today is the result of the interactions we’ve had with every other woman in our lives? We all have bits and pieces of our grandmothers, mothers, aunts, sisters, daughters etc. and the most beautiful part is that we get to interact with these lovely beings, see what qualities of them resonate with us, make them part of ourselves and cultivate them. As a friend of mine recently pointed out “we are our own billboards”, both Granny Lorraine and Granny Emma chose the type of women they wanted to portray, and Mavalynne gathered from their billboards what resonated with her the best to incorporate it into her own billboard of the woman she wanted to become and portray. So my question for you today is: What are you portraying? What does your billboard look like? Is the woman you aspire to be the same as the one you are showing the world? Mavalynne said it, actions speak louder than words, we might have a picture of the women we want to be, but are we? Or are we at least taking actions to get there? Having a vision of the women we want to become is the first step, so take a few moments this week to think about that. What kind of woman do you want to be for your kids, grandkids, parents, partner, or friends? What kind of woman do you want to be for yourself?

Namaste beautiful souls

Gabriela & The Stamina in Action Team

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  1. This story made me cry because I think we had the same grandma’s and viewed them in the same light 💕 thank you for this – Angi

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