Stamina in Action is a Coaching and Consulting business offering a range of services from life and executive coaching, to emotional intelligence training and building high performing teams.

The team is build-up of professionals with different backgrounds, from Personal and Executive coaches, to Integrative Nutrition Health Coaches and Music Psychotherapists.

Leading the team is Mavalynne Orozco-Urdaneta, Stamina in Action’s Founder and CEO. Throughout her life, Mavalynne has applied her behavioral science, business, and marketing background to support both individuals and corporations. An entrepreneur, leader and personal and executive coach, she brings more than thirty years of experience by applying her knowledge of systemic and anticipatory dynamics to the implementation of complex projects benefiting global communities. Her specialty is helping people and organizations with strategic planning, problem solving, and building high-performing teams.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management, a Master’s degree as a Mental Health Professional Trained in Systems, and professional certifications in Strengths-Based Coaching and Positive Psychology-Based Well-Being Coaching.

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